Disclaimer: Please note that schedules posted on this page are subject to last minute change and should be verified with the schools involved.  

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2015-2016 FALL Sport Schedules

Preliminary Fall Schedule - ALL SPORTS / ALL SCHOOLS / ALL LEVELS (xls FILE - sort as needed)

  • Football: ALL SCHEDULES BELOW UPDATED August 28, 2015
  • (North) - NNFOA
  • (South) - SNOA
  • (East) - NENOA     
  • (Central) - CNSO




Cross Country / Tennis / Girls Golf Schedules will be posted below when finalized in August 2015

 2015 Division I Northern Region girls golf schedule (as of August 10th)

Go to Nevada Preps website to see all of Southern Nevada Fall 2015-16 Sport Schedules - click here 

  • NIAA Member Schools who use various schedule programs on their school websites are encouraged to keep them updated throughout the season(s) so event schedules are accurate when referenced.